Cartado & Leñado

Cartado and Leñado are the modular systems created by Visualitys for interactive presentations, photo panels, audiovisuals, expositions, demo stands, etc.

Cartado® is a modular system flexible in size and shape, and it offers different opportunities to convey your identity. Also with Cartado we can use colour customized lighting and projection, and combine transparent windows and monitors to create a different stand or setting. Cartado is unique in design made from flame retardant material

Leñado® is a robust and stable system, still easy to connect and build up, your permanent or temporary exhibition stand will have a differentiating design and provide a huge visual impact.
Our Leñado® system comes in a few varieties:

Leñado® Pure White: In-and-in white without the need for a painting crew after set up.

Leñado® FSC: Made of untreated FSC wood, and ideal for companies that want to position themselves with a message that breaths sustainability, or where ruggedness is a key message.